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02. August 2013 • Category: Society • Comment: 0

(I’ve tried, using google image, to locate the original use of this image to check on copyrights. If you’re the owner, do let me know how I can comply.)

NSAs craving of phone records

06. June 2013 • Category: Society • Comment: 0

Everybody else is talking about it so why shouldn’t I …

OK, call me paranoid (I shan’t deny it), but why do NSA want “trunk identifiers” and “comprehensive communication routing information” … unless they already have the raw voice data, but need to attach names/numbers to it. Admittedly, I know nothing about voice technology, but I really don’t see how call routing information could otherwise interest them.

While we’re at it, I really wish the last hold-outs, who still insist that Obama is the justice-loving, constitution-defending, Nobel decorated, Democratic Messiah, would just give it up and admit that he’s no different than the previous president. You have four more stages to cover …

Update: Hilarious