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World Pecking Order

14. April 2013 • Category: Society • Comment: 0

The good people of government, this time led by career bureaucrat Barbara Boxer (D-Hollywood), certainly have their priorities straight:

So all countries must yield to the interests of the US government (or its private campaign-contributing “partners” of the corporate kind) like when NZ was illegally wiretapping the Megaupload chap on FBIs behalf or when Bush wanted Turkey part of the EU, but the US rolls over when Knesset speaks.

It’s disappointing to see Ron Wyden being one of the co-sponsors (and surprising not seeing Charles Schumer), then again Russ Feingold supported some pretty shady Israel-related things during his DC stint too, so it probably goes with the territory. Govtrack says only 2% chance of being enacted, but as Glen Greenwald points out, that’s not considering that AIPAC is involved. We’ll see.

Meanwhile the empty rhetoric about the global community, the axes of evil and equality under the law drones on. It’s a messed-up world we live in — news at eleven.

Ah, well …