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Public smartphone chargers

18. June 2013 • Category: Society, Technology • Comment: 0

In this era of government mass surveillance and identity theft, I’m hoping people think twice before plugging their smartphone into a public charger, be it AT&Ts Street Charge network, a public charger in the airport or a treadmill in your local gym. Most of the pins of the (old) iPhones 30 pin dock connector is meant to transfer data and you can’t tell from looking at it, if they will, when you plug your phone in. Whether by design of the “charging station” or because somebody hacked it is really not important.

Same goes for the lightning connector and the various incarnations of USB-based connectors used on Android devices.

It’s certainly unlikely, but not impossible and if you’re anything like me, you’re carrying a huge amount of personal data that you’d probably prefer to keep to yourself. Smartphones are powerful tools, but “big gun makes big hole in foot.” So keep that smartphone charged from home.

That is all.