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Super Bowl …

09. February 2014 • Category: Bitchings, Society • Comment: 0

… just another excuse for the police state to take it to eleven.

USCG in Hudson

Because naval terrorism is all the rage today.

Tower of Pigs

The friendly face of the government of the free and the brave.

Chinooks over WFC

City under siege

Hope for email privacy in US? Nah…

01. December 2012 • Category: Society • Comment: 0

Shockingly (and likely by accident) the senate judiciary committee did something good wednesday: they approved a bill which would end the utterly insane application of  “abandoned mail”-principle to email kept on servers outside our homes. gives it 42% chance of being enacted, but as with all bills limiting the reach of the US government, it won’t become law until it’s been appropriately defanged.   And so life goes on in the land of the  free.