It Lives Again …

25. April 2015 · Category: Technology

For reasons I’m not ready to disclose and, I fear, could prevent me from ever working in this industry again, this site was off the air for an extended time. Well, obviously, it’s back now

So, shortly before leaving for the ANZ trip (more on that later), I wanted to update the SSL certs, but instead rendered the machine unusable. The colo people were friendly enough to reinstall my SD card, but since I didn’t have time to recover the blog I left it as is for the entire time. Conveniently, INIZ had a problem with the hypervisor where my OpenIndiana VPS was running, so they gave me a fresh VMs sans anything on it. That way I had nowhere convenient to upload photos to while away, which probably made me concentrate on the experience itself.

Ironically, I had been toying with the idea of sync’ing the blog between the RasPi and the VPS (anything that runs off a cheap SD card, is bound to go away at some point), but never got around to it.

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