Graz AWOL.

31. August 2013 · Category: Technology

It had to happen. My Austrian RasPi went down 22nd of August and hasn’t come back yet. Without LOM (or a service contract with the hosting site), I’m a little out of luck here. When I set it up, I thought I wouldn’t care, but, turns out, I do a bit. So I’ve migrated the blog to my alternative RasPi for now (graz was obviously running nightly back-ups) and will move the rest over the coming week or so. Lesson learned: If you’ve spent more than a couple of hours on it, chances are it deserves redundancy. After so many years with fault tolerance being a non-negotiable feature at work, I kick myself for not realising that it also is when you’re just playing around. In all fairness, this is the first server I have away from my home, but still. Bad Henrik, no cookie!

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