New York helicopter flight

03. February 2013 · Category: Travel

Back in early autumn, I came across a groupon for a 20 minute helicopter flight in the Hudson River Exclusion, and, being the financially irresponsible person that I am, I purchased it. It would have expired today, so yesterday morning, we took off for Paulus Hook to redeem it.

Obviously there are no ferry connections to Paulus Hook during the weekend and the PATH train (which I hate to use anyway), doesn’t serve WTC for the time being, so our only (realistic) option was a car. New York may be the city that never sleeps, but it’s certainly not the city that uses public transportation during weekends. So be it.

Helicopter Flight Services had two vacant seats on a 30 minutes flight, so we got upgraded. This meant we got to Coney Island and back, as well as the via-Hudson-to-Bronx trip that we had booked. It’s highly recommended if you can get it at a reasonable price. Flying in a helicopter is pretty cool to begin with (I hadn’t done it since the North East Water Polynia expedition in ’93 and the HH-65 ain’t no Bell 407) and you get a fantastic overview of New York. This should be a must-do for tourists. The ride was supremely comfortable, with leather seats, Bose active noise cancelling headsets and plenty of window space in all directions, and in-between his self-announce duties, the pilot had time to point out landmarks tour-bus style.

That was worth it.


Entrepid with SST, SR-71 and friends:

Coney Island:

Cargo being loaded off/on barge:

Staten Island ferry:

Statue of Liberty:

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