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Colo RasPi – SD Card setup

08. December 2012 • Category: Technology • Comment: 3

I shan’t regurgitate all the science behind flash storage, as it’s readily available at finer websites like these:

However, the cliff notes would say something like this: SD cards are organised in chunks of storage (“erase blocks” or “allocation units,” let’s call them AU) that are erased and frequently written as a unit.

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Faux EDIS subnet for testing

01. December 2012 • Category: Technology • Comment: 0

(Given that EDIS has run out of RasPi racking space and I’m probably the last one to get my act together and ship mine, the following may not be so interesting anymore, but I’m posting it anyway in case somebody colocates a server without Lights-Out Management.   Though, you really shouldn’t do that.)

In order to configure and test my Graz-bound RasPi completely before shipping it off, I configured my TomatoUSB-running Linksys router to have a network on one of its ports and NAT all traffic going there as if it was going out to my ISP.

I’ll describe what I did here for inspirational rather than instructional purposes.   A lot of this depends on which router software you use and whether your ISP gives you a DHCP address or a static one (like mine does), so expect to add a little research before starting to implement it.

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Hope for email privacy in US? Nah…

01. December 2012 • Category: Society • Comment: 0

Shockingly (and likely by accident) the senate judiciary committee did something good wednesday: they approved a bill which would end the utterly insane application of  “abandoned mail”-principle to email kept on servers outside our homes. gives it 42% chance of being enacted, but as with all bills limiting the reach of the US government, it won’t become law until it’s been appropriately defanged.   And so life goes on in the land of the  free.