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First post!

29. November 2012 • Category: Uncategorized • Comment: 0

So my Raspberry Pi is almost ready to be sent off to EDIS in Graz, Austria.  It’s configured for its final network and it’s seeing me as logging in from New York, though it’s still dangling from its UTP cable in my (increasingly misnamed) Entropy Room.   I’ll make a few minor adjustments before sending it off (security, timezone and ntp services amongst others), but  it should be details only.   Once it’s installed in Graz, I’ll try to keep my paws off it, as, missing Lights-Out Management or serial console, I’ll have limited control of it.

I’ll post a couple of articles here on what I’ve done to cope with my missing LOM, fragile disk and limited memory, and to test things out.

Even if my Austrian RasPi will never be terribly useful (and I still think that it will), the process will be an interesting experience full of issues I’d never encounter in my day-job or wrt my “proper” server in the aforementioned Entropy Room.

So, as they say, “Stay tuned.”